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DJ BAD ASH a.k.a. Ashlee Williss is LA's hottest new 

female DJ. She has DJ'ed some of the coolest events around the world, specializing in high-end corporate parties in & around LA & OC area, playing an open range of music. 

About Dj Bad Ash:
Dj Bad Ash is the hottest new female DJ in Los Angeles with the looks and the talent to make your party badass. Good Female Dj's are hard to find, and Dj Bad Ash has proven herself to be LA's go-to female DJ. Her setup includes Pioneer CDJ 2000's, DJM 900, SL3 or for smaller events she uses the Pioneer DDJ SZ with Serato or Rekordbox. Whether you're looking for a corporate event DJ, wedding DJ, fashion show DJ, birthday party DJ, club DJ, bar DJ, restaurant DJ, charity event DJ or a DJ for a grand opening of any kind, DJ Bad Ash will make it sexy & fun. Based out of Los Angeles and Orange County, Dj Bad Ash has opened for major artists like Snoop Dogg and travels the globe spinning a wide range of music. Although most of DJ BadAsh's gigs come from word of mouth, if you're searching google for "corporate Dj LA" or "hot female Dj LA" you've come to the right place. Who wouldn't want to have a hot female DJ for their party? She's known for her open format music, giving listeners a taste of Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Lounge, and Feel Good Music. For each corporate party Dj Bad Ash customizes her playlists to fit your party and make it BADASH!  
For booking inquiries contact: 
Social media: @ashleewilliss
Hashtag: #djbadash 
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